Sinus headaches also referred to as rhinogenic headaches are headaches triggered by the nose and or/ sinuses secondary to infection, allergy or inherent anatomic abnormalities that can predispose some people to chronic headaches. Diagnosing sinus headaches is difficult and requires a significant level of experience.


It’s common to think that infection or allergies are causing your sinus headaches - but sinus headaches are a complex issue. Most patients who are chronic sinus sufferers have multiple factors contributing to their sinus symptoms and each needs to addressed appropriately.


A sinus headache can and does occur during a sinus infection certain chronic headache conditions are in fact triggered or worsened by the nose and sinuses in the absence of an infection - these are called rhinogenic headaches.

How do we Know?

As one of the leading sinus headache specialists, Dr.Mariotti has seen and treated thousands of sinus headache cases.

Nasal Endoscopy is a short procedure done during an office visit. A fiber optic telescope is placed in the nose and the nasal anatomy and sinus drainage areas are thoroughly inspected.

Test mucus samples from inside your nose for evidence of a bacterial or fungal infection.

We have our own in house allergy testing department which allows us to check for dozens of environmental allergies commonly found in our region.

Sometimes it is necessary to test nasal or sinus drainage by performing a nasal culture to detect unusual or resistant bacteria.

A non-invasive and detailed x-ray that allows us to assess the anatomy of your sinuses as well as disease processes occurring within the sinuses.

A noninvasive scan that provides detail about the soft tissues your sinuses.

Treatment Options

As quick as the headaches comes, is as quick as they go. We know how to properly diagnose and treat sinus headaches.

They are the mainstay of treatment when an acute sinus infection occurs. Many symptoms can mimic a sinus infection and unless a thorough evaluation is performed to be certain the proper medication is prescribed

Allergy shots help your body get used to allergens – particles in the air that trigger your allergies such as tree pollen or ragweed.

A short office procedure which is safe, effective and frequently a viable option to reduce sinus headache pain. It is minimally invasive and safe alternative that does not require incisions and cutting or the removal of bone and tissue.

Almost always elective, sinus surgery removes diseased or obstructive sinus tissue resulting in improved natural sinus drainage. Sinus surgery can also be performed to correct anatomic abnormalities thought to be the triggering source of chronic sinus headaches.


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Sinus Headaches